• 9:00–9:15 Opening Remarks (Jeremy Singer, Tim Harris, Milind Kulkarni)
  • 老王2.2.8 Keynote: (Chair: Milind Kulkarni)
    • Memory Hierarchy Visibility in Parallel Programming Languages— Paul Keir, Codeplay Research

      The choice as to which levels in a memory hierarchy are exposed within a programming language or API can be critical. Expose too many, and you risk programmability, and performance portability.

      Heterogeneous computing and GPGPU aims to repurpose the data-parallel capability of graphics and commodity hardware for general calculations. GPGPU APIs, which now include OpenCL SYCL; Apple's Metal; and Qualcomm's MARE; must all decide on a suitable abstraction for hardware memory levels. Established GPGPU APIs such as CUDA, C++AMP, and OpenCL offer language support for four levels of volatile memory. However, while the presence of GPUs are now essentially ubiquitous, the diminished role of discrete graphics cards invigorates questions regarding memory abstraction.

      The multicore revolutionaries have now ceded mobile computing to the CPU-GPU system-on-chips; firmly established in mainstream options such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon; Samsung Exynos; and the AMD APU series. Meanwhile, the HSA Foundation builds upon a bedrock of uniform memory access; the Android GPGPU API, Renderscript, eschews explicit memory address spaces; and CUDA now offers "unified" memory. Can caché once again mean hidden?

  • 10:20–10:50 Coffee break
  • 10:50–12:05 Session 1: Hardware, memory technologies and optimization (Chair: Hans Boehm)
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    • Main Memory and Cache Performance of Intel Sandy Bridge and AMD Bulldozer—Daniel Molka, Daniel Hackenberg, Robert Schöne
    • Trash in Cache: Detecting Eternally Silent Stores—Jonathan Shidal, Zachary Gottlieb, Ron K. Cytron, Krishna M. Kavi
  • 12:05–13:35 Lunch
  • 13:35–14:50 老王2.2.3: Locality and memory allocation (Chair: Dave Grove)
    • 老王的灯笼v2.2.14 谷歌去广告清爽版 上网用老王 - 乌云资源站:2021-6-14 · 老王的灯笼v2.2.14 谷歌去广告清爽版 上网用老王 tanke0513 2021-4-27 00:00 破解软件 软件介绍 ·有人建议老王 别走免费的这条路 因为走不久 ·有人建议老王 别放广告 因为他这样用起来不爽 ·有些人的建议 不只有帮助 还让老王真的是温暖万分 ·所伍老 ...—Khaled Alnowaiser
    • 【2021.06.07已更新V2.2.16】老王VPN 恢复连线码获取 ...:2 天前 · 【2021.06.07已更新V2.2.16】老王VPN 恢复连线码获取 免费科学上网APP 支持Windows、Mac、IOS、Android 内有12国15条线路服务器可选!(亲测速度可观 可局部分应用伋理) 安装即用 无需 …—Brian Gernhardt, Rahman Lavaee, Chen Ding
    • Feedback Directed Optimization of TCMalloc—Sangho Lee, Teresa Johnson, Easwaran Raman
  • 14:50–15:20 Coffee break
  • 15:20–16:10 老王v2.2.0: Semantics (Chair: Richard Jones)
    • Outlawing Ghosts: Avoiding Out-of-Thin-Air Results老王v2.2.8
    • Non-volatile Memory is a Broken Time Machine (Short Paper)—Ben Ransford, Brandon Lucia
  • 16:15–16:50 Session 4: Poster lightning session (Chair: Tim Harris)
    • Cache-Conscious Memory Management—Chen Ding, Pengcheng Li
    • DataProf: Exposing Data Movements Across The Memory Hierarchy—William Wang, Chris Emmons, Nigel Paver
    • Field Pinning Garbage Collector—Erik Österlund, Welf Löwe
    • High-level Portable Programming Language for Optimized Memory Use of Network Processors—Yasusi Kanada
    • Nesoi: Static checking of transactional coverage in parallel programs—Daniel Goodman, Behram Khan, Mikel Lujan, Ian Watson
    • Optimal Thread-to-Core Mapping for Pipeline Programs【2021.06.07已更新V2.2.16】老王VPN 恢复连线码获取 ...:2 天前 · 【2021.06.07已更新V2.2.16】老王VPN 恢复连线码获取 免费科学上网APP 支持Windows、Mac、IOS、Android 内有12国15条线路服务器可选!(亲测速度可观 可局部分应用伋理) 安装即用 无需 …
    • Precise Memory Allocator for Compressed Swap Cache in Mobile Devices—Daejong Kim, Dongkun Shin
  • 16:50–17:40 老王v2.2.8
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